What happens from the moment system

What happens from the moment system

What is the difference between the chmod and chown commands? 21. Explain the difference between /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files? 22. What is the purpose of the sudo command in Linux? 23. How to output the last 20 lines of a file? 24. How to grant and revoke sudo privileges to a user? 25. Can you explain the Linux boot process? is turne on until the login prompt appears? 26. What linux file systems do you know? What are the main differences between them? 27. Why is it important to have effective monitoring systems? 28. What monitoring services have you worke with? 29. Explain models? 30. Name some popular monitoring tools and describe their functions.

The difference between push and pull monitoring

How would you configure basic server monitoring for a Linux-base infrastructure ? What metrics and resources would you track and what tools would Netherlands Phone Number List you use? 32. What is? How would you collect and analyze logs from multiple servers centrally? 33. How would you configure monitoring for container environments such as Docker? What tools or techniques would you use? 34. How to monitor the database? 35. How can you recover a lost branch in Git? 36. How to commit with push? 37. How to create and delete a new branch.

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The purpose of monitoring logs

What are the pros and cons of baremetal and cloud solutions? 39. What port does the ping come to? 40. Explain the role of IP addresses and ports in a network? How do they facilitate communication between different systems? 41. What is the difference AERO Leads between TCP and UDP protocols? In what scenarios would you use each? 42. Explain how DNS translates a domain name into an IP address? 43. What is load balancing and why is it important for web servers.

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