Better opportunities to promote

Better opportunities to promote

The brand and the customer. Brand Identity can be divid into groups as follows : Graphic Identity such as logos, pictures, text, colors, patterns. Sensorial Identity or identity that can be touch by the five senses, namely form. Taste, smell, sound, touch, and also includes appearance. Contact surface Today’s customers are always looking for the same. Or reflect an identity that is close to his personality, so the expression of the brand image that can be link to the identity of the customer group will become a successful brand The brand image or brand image is what the customer thinks of.

Brand Identity will make

Including thoughts on that brand It comes from a UAE WhatsApp Number List brand’s beliefs and perspectives. This is the result of creating identity (Identity), Values ​​(Values) and personality of the brand. (Personality) and ingrients that create Brand Image in the eyes of customers What’s up? Being able to come out as a brand image comes from parts together, which are Components of Brand Image Perception (Perceptual) from one person through observation through various types of activities. or from other people Cognitive: The knowlge gain from all the perceptions acquir.

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To have a recognizable

Then interpret Affective is the feeling that AERO Leads describes the relationships that brands express to us. whether it is or is not what it is Response (Conative) or action bas on knowlge emotion All these elements make up the experience. Which is the experience that customers experience from that brand. Brand Image is connect from many things from the organization, vision, products and services. Brand’s country of origin the things that the brand is made of including brand personality And the customers will be the one to interpret what they have learn from the expression of that brand for themselves.

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