The specifics of project and interaction

The specifics of project and interaction

Oles has been working as a developer for more than four years. And at Genesis he has been developing a product for marketers for a year. PAIN 1 Frontenders of higher grades become “bridges” between teams and spend a lot of time and effort on communication. To complete a large-scale task, a front-end developer nees to communicate with many parties – designers, back-end developers, testers, product managers, etc. First, the specialist learns about all himself, if necessary, he informs the product manager. However, each party has its own goals, priorities and preferences. Navigating diverse perspectives and finding common ground can be difficult, especially when ideas or demands conflict.

Development provides many options

Misunderstandings lead to delays, rework, and even conflicts between teams — all of which hinder product development. PAIN 2 The nee to work Afghanistan Phone Number List under pressure, under tight deadlines or with rapidly changing requirements. Front-end for. Work begins – and the developer works on the technical task , but then receives feeback from the team leader: everything must be done differently. I had a similar case. I starte working on tasks in a certain way, and when I calle the product manager later, it turne out that the priorities had change, and the task should be done completely differently.

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How to implement this or that task

A couple or three changes — and the task is no longer the same as it was at first. Another situation: the developer did not clarify the TOR, independently AERO Leadsthought out how to do better, but as a result the code has great complexity, which could have been avoide. Such pieces of code will be very difficult to maintain in the future. Working in an environment of instability is characteristic of early-stage businesses that nee to launch an MVP as soon as possible.

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