The main emphasis is on introduction

The main emphasis is on introduction

The conference brought together more than 1,500 eucators who are actively implementing digital technologies in eucation. During the panel discussion, the speakers discusse the areas of cooperation between the state, eucational institutions and the product IT business in order to build a sustainable partnership in eucation and economic growth of Ukraine. “Genesis is a Ukrainian company , 90% of our employees and managers have remaine in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Our future, like the future of most Ukrainian companies, depends on the quality of eucation and the level of graduates of our universities. In order to compete with the world’s greatest leaders, you nee to have an eucation, the level of which is not inferior to the world.

The participants of the conference also discuses

I am grateful to the state, which invests a lot of time and effort in its development, but I am convince that companies should also invest in this direction,” stresse Volodymyr Mnogoletniy, co-founder and CEO of Genesis, during the conference. During Spain Phone Number List the discussion, the use of innovative technologies in eucation for the development of students and modernization of the eucational process. “While the war continues in Ukraine, the world does not stand still and is actively developing. The value of human capital grows many times.

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That our children acquire knowledge

That is why developing a new path for eucation is our important challenge and task. Now, together with the Ministry of eucation team, we are forming this strategy. of technologies and innovations in eucation, digitalization and debureaucratization. This will AERO Leads allow bolder and faster changes to be implemente so that meets the challenges of today. And every talente Ukrainian was able to realize himself at home, in Ukraine,” commente Mykhailo Feorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of eucation, Science and Technology – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

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