When we saw the front

When we saw the front

Or identity link to behavior or customer journey, for example, designing an application to buy products to suit target groups in the digital age Functional Identity or identity that emphasizes brand or product features, such as Fitflop shoes that are healthy shoes. Importance of Brand Identity A good Brand Identity will make us stand out from the competition. It also helps build brand cribility in the market. In delivering the value of the product or service for a good customer experience, Brand Identity can help generate sales opportunities when our brand is already strong.

Graphic Identity such as logos

Have a base of customers who make repeat purchases Taiwan WhatsApp Number List and become loyal customers to the brand making it easier to penetrate new markets because the brand can guarantee confidence to a certain extent It can be said that a logo can guarantee success. and gives us a huge advantage that is different from competitors Increase the opportunity to create even more awareness of our brand. is strong and has been continuously communicat to consumers Consumers will remember those things just by seeing the logo, color hue, and the direction of the advertisement. For example, when you walk into Chaps, you can smell its unique scent.

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Brand Identity creation is necessary

When you see the black Swoosh logo, you AERO Leads think Nike. hen you go into Starbuks, you smell coffee, decoration, and music unlike any other. When you see BMW, you think modernity, innovation, technology. identity or the identity of the brand that was creat When consumers perceive and interpret the meaning, it will reflect that. What the brand sets out is exactly Or is it link to what consumers perceive? If yes, then you are good at designing. But if not, we may have to continue to adjust.

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