The difference in business

The difference in business

Themselves, channels both offline and online with customers as well. . Can control everything very well In addition to the quality of product production, other quality aspects such as transportation, service, answering customer questions trading process But with the manufacturer not being able to control other sales processes and the intermiary may cause the brand or product to lose its reputation in some way. Whether the service is bad Send the product carelessly until it is damag. Or talk badly with customers, which can affect the manufacturer. But when adjusting to a D C business , it will eliminate the problems that we cannot control.

Although we can see

From the fact that the manufacturer itself has Poland WhatsApp Number List adjust the internal processes to correspond with the business in direct contact with customers, can control everything directly. How to get start with Content Matrix ? Let’s review what each type of content qualifies. And clearly state how each type of content is measur against KPIs to ensure the best results when communicating. Let’s see what kind of content formats are us by our brand or our company. And where is it in the Content.

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Content that contains these

Matrix to see if what we have done or are doing AERO Leads is appropriate or not? to be adapt to be more efficient Try to compare with competitors in the same business that What kind of content formats are competitors using to market or promote their brands? This will be a good reference for content planning. Brainstorm with teams involv in shaping future content formats and genres. to prepare for creating content suitable for target customers Then take what we review from the first step. Let’s choose the right content format and start planning for content. The content that is made should also be content that attracts people’s attention.

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