The customer has to zoom out or put the mobile phone

The customer has to zoom out or put the mobile phone

According to a survey conducte by Adobe, mobile traffic to online stores actually increase by 14% in 2019. In 2021, the number is even higher. What is more interesting is that Adobe’s survey showe that the conversion rate was twice as low on mobile as on desktop. This suggests that many online stores have a long way to go when it comes to mobile-friendly solutions. If you want to ensure that your online store becomes more mobile-friendly, there are a number of possible measures. You can, for example, create AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) pages, or develop your own mobile app.

Remember that this can be profitable

There is also new and smart technology such as PWA. A mobile-friendly website must be easy to find and adapte to small mobile and tablet screens. sideways to be able to see the content, the shopping experience becomes cumbersome. And then you USA Phone Number List risk losing potential customers. Offer free shipping and returns Surveys show that the trend is clear: As many as 85% of all consumers prefer to shop at online stores that can offer free shipping, rather than shopping at online stores that offer fast shipping. In other words, price beats spee.

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There are smart extensions

It can therefore be tactically smart to offer free shipping (and preferably free returns) in December – or the whole year if you have the opportunity., as most online stores operate with a minimum order amount for them to qualify for free shipping. This can AERO Leads lead to the customer adding more products to the shopping cart. that can be installe in online stores that are base on platforms such as Magento. These ensure that the consumer can see at all times how much more must be bought for if free shipping is to apply. For example, we can recommend the Free Shipping Bar.

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