The culmination of that

The culmination of that

A step-by-us identify discrepancies that occur with each customer from each touchpoint. by trying to set from these questions Which contact points are more likely to be unconnect? Customers choose not to buy from this point or not. Does the customer know enough information? from what we offer If it’s not enough, what should we do? Step Fix the problem In the end, it is all the information we get from Customer Journey Mapping to it and improve the efficiency of the customer journey map. Resulting in good results for the business for the value of the investment in many ways. And there is a ne to work together as a team and share information with other stakeholders as well.

Believes that People have

Today’s customer journeys don’t always have to Malta WhatsApp Number List be stag. Because it is the era of multi-channel communication. Sometimes customers see an ad and immiately tell their friends. And many times we decide to buy products or services from word of mouth without neing to find out more information at all. But the principles of the Customer Journey ne to start from research to purchase and word of mouth. Therefore, journey will give us an advantage in almost every type of business. And can be adapt to the digital age where the journey of the consumer is more complicat.

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The demand for more

The long-standing theory of psychology AERO Leads concerning Motivation and the concept of the Hierarchy of Nes was first publish in . in a document call The Theory of Human Motivation, familiar with the name “Maslow’s hierarchy of nes” (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Nes) that all human beings must fulfill their basic nes. Before fulfilling the nes at a higher level in the next step Abraham Maslow, a world-class psychologist who invent such ideas.


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