The chance of selling goods to already existing customers

The chance of selling goods to already existing customers

It is said that more than 80% of companies believe that it is cheaper to look after old customers than to have to find new customers. is 60 to 70% The chance of selling goods to new prospects is 5 to 20% With a subscription scheme, you will in most cases get more for the money spent on marketing than those who only deal in one-off sales. Imagine that you sell games for NOK 500. You buy the games in from a supplier who sells them to you for NOK 250. It costs you around NOK 100 to bring in new customers with marketing.

Also be able to order in a certain number of items

Which means you earn around NOK 150 per sale. NOK 100 on marketing, in other words, leads to NOK 150 in pure profit. The more purchases the customer makes (read: subscription), the better the profit! Cheaper purchases from suppliers When you have a UAE Phone Number List preictable number of sales each month (or each year for that matter), you will from your supplier.dare to do, since you know that the goods will be sold. When you can order many items from the supplier, there is also a high chance that the supplier will give you a discount or free shipping.

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You are welcome to order more than you would otherwise

This in turn allows you to save money. Lower shipping costs When you know with certainty what to send out to customers in good time, you can make use AERO Leads of cheaper and slower shipping methods. The most important thing is that the customer receives the item at the agree time. You can send out the agree product several weeks in advance, so that it reaches the customer in time. Preictable turnover with subscription preictability with subscription With subscribing.

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