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From the creation of awareness (Awareness) to the purchase of goods or services (Purchase). In another dimension, if looking from the top down, is the purchase decision that is emotionally relat (Emotional) to the purchase decision as well. Rationality in the Content Matrix also describes the form of content that is divid into 4 categories: ucational content, persuasive content. Jai (Convince) entertainment content (Entertainment) and inspirational content (Inspire) If your brand is B2C, the right content should be entertaining. May use contests, answering questions or playing games to get customers to participate and create awareness.

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That focuses on emotional access And Brazil B2B List create a product purchase by bringing actors as presenters Posting information on various forums or a catalyst for making a purchase decision. On the other hand, if your brand is B2B type, then cribility and detail are important. which requires reason and effect in making purchasing decisions Content creat to create awareness may include writing articles to ucate. press release Communicating with Infographics and Convincing Customers to Buy with Events Webninar Presentations of Successful It can convince people to buy products or services.

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How to get start with Content Matrix ? Let’s review what each type of content qualifies. And clearly state how each type of content is measur against KPIs to ensure the AERO Leads best results when communicating. Let’s see what kind of content formats are us by our brand or our company. And where is it in the Content Matrix to see if what we have done or are doing is appropriate or not? to be adapt to be more efficient Try to compare with competitors in the same business that What kind of content formats are competitors using to market or promote their brands? for content planning.

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