Pre-construction stage

This is one of the steps in the construction of commercial buildings where the majority of the paperwork is involved. It is in this pre-construction stage, where the projects require permits and insurance for the site construction. Moreover, one has to also undertake vendor bids during this phase and make sure that the procurement stage caters to the budget expectations. Finally, the phase also includes the establishment of the field team for the site work of the construction project.

Procurement stage

The stage is vital for ensuring the project is maintained Ecuador Mobile Number List within the budget. When materials and services are not included within the estimates of the construction, the project exceeds the planned expenditure. The building materials and the quality of the services provided also matter. Thus, there must be a balance between the budget and choosing durable construction materials. Furthermore, the selection of subcontractors must be included in this stage as well. It is the experienced construction management team that properly communicates the processes of construction.

Construction stage

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All the above-mentioned steps prepare for the Indonesia Phone Number List construction stage of a commercial building. The right preparation and planning of the initial stage of commercial construction can eliminate the chances of unwanted delays. A vital portion of the construction stage involves site preparation to avoid problems associated with the safety and integrity of the building structure. The site preparation turns a barren land plot into a construction site for the coming few weeks. Firstly, the guidelines are established to ensure maintenance of high-quality throughout the construction of the building process. Following the established guidelines, the storage facilities, and temporary work buildings at the site begins. This is also the construction stage where excavating begins, along with proper drainage are given importance. Preparing power, waste, and waste connections also impact the structure of the building in this stage.

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