Which in his own era

Which in his own era

Satisfaction for The motivation of this group is Do whatever it takes to earn money. Wealth promotion Be accept and famous in society Including being accept by friends like to control other. Be a person who saves and spends prudently. The communication and use of technology of this group is newspapers, letter writing. Watching television listening to the radio The working life of this group is. Like to work as a life work efficiently know how to work towards success work with purpose. Fulfill your own nes like to work as a team like a meeting Good at building good relationships.

This group of people like

Willing to oppose peers if disagreements arise  Namibia WhatsApp Number ListThis group of people like to solve problems by applying problems that have been solv in the past to apply to the present and future. focus on stability and happiness in the end of life after retirement . Gen X (Born – ) Gen X is people born between – . Important events of people in this age range are: End of the Cold War computer era The attitudes and values ​​of this group are work is challenging work is a promise work is life self-reliant work in balance.

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Pay attention to work and rest

The motivation of this group is to practice various AERO Leads skills rest getting things done to achieve goals want to be in the eyes of the boss Balancing work and rest The communication and use of technology of this group are print mia, television, radio, telephone, computer, fax, and the Internet. The working life of this group is self-reliant What do you like that has a clear structure and direction? straightforward does not like influence or power love equality in work have high independence and want to prove themselves.

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