How to create the Music section and complete your video

How to create the Music section and complete your video

This template offers six categories of scenes: text containers, video containers, photo containers, logo animations, contact forms, check marks, and x marks. Select all the necessary scenes and click “Insert scene”.

video ad scenes

After selecting the scenes, start customizing them with your images, videos, text, music track, layout, etc. Use the tools on the left side of the editor to write your text, add images and videos.

video ads text

As for the image and video containers there are several ways

To upload your files: via the image or video Database URL, from the File Library, uploading from your device, or by choosing an already uploaded file from your Media Library.

Select your image and start cropping it to fit the size of the image container frame. video ads crop imageThe same methods work for uploading videos to your project. We have not used video containers in this video; however, you can add one if needed. In case you don’t find any suitable video to use, go to our Archive Materials library and choose any of the 195,000+ videos for free.

video ads stock videos

To search for related videos, type some keywords or phrases and click the “Search” button. Watch the videos, choose your favorite and crop the parts you want to use in your video. video ads trimmer You have finished the editing process. Now, go to the “Color” section and choose the desired colors for your video. You can use one of the suggested color palettes or choose custom colors manually.

After choosing your colors


Video ads music You can also upload or record your AERO Leads own voiceover to make your video ad more engaging and informative. Go to the “Voiceover” section to add it. You can also use the advanced trimmer, which is available to our subscribed users.

Congratulations, your video ad is ready! You can edit it whenever you want by simply going to the “My Videos” section in the dropdown menu. All your projects are saved there, and you can download them for free by clicking “Download”. You can also get it in higher quality by making a single purchase or by subscribing to one of our plans.

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