Where are our strengths

Where are our strengths

Culture, etc. Technology (T) Technology factors that affect and business opportunities such as innovations that occur various research and development technological change awareness in technology automation technology The arrival of digital and AI, etc. Environment (E) Environmental factors that affect and business opportunities such as climate. Seasonal changes, global conditions, environmental regulations and policies, NGO groups, etc. Legal (L) Legal factors that affect and business opportunities, such as consumer protection laws. copyright law Health and Safety Laws labor protection law etc.

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Cover photo by Simeon from Afghanistan Phone Number List FreeImagesTOWS Matrix is ​​a comparative analytical tool to choose the right strategy to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the company, such as higher sales. increas profits TOWS Matrix is ​​bas on SWOT Analysis us for auditing and analyzing your business, which is the first step of doing any business. TOWS Matrix is ​​the next step in business planning. TOWS Matrix Proactive Strategy SO Strategies (Strengths and Opportunities) The first and foremost strategy is to use the company’s internal strengths.

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A ake the most of the external opportunities AERO Leads available, such as your company being the first to emerge in AI technology. and the market tends to grow Together with the government’s announcement of the Thailand . policy, it is an opportunity to expand the business at full spe. Corrective Strategies WO Strategies (Weaknesses and Opportunities) The second strategy is to take advantage of available opportunities to ruce weaknesses in the organization, for example, if the company is not the most expert in any field. but saw an opportunity to partner with The company therefore joins hands to achieve common business goals. Preventive Strategies ST Strategies (Strengths and Threats) The third strategy is to leverage all internal strengths to overcome threats or obstacles.

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