Have a sense of responsibility

Have a sense of responsibility

Can develop their abilities and to reach the most perfection In order to reach this stage, human beings must first receive the best possible response from all four stages. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Nes is a concept that has been appli to marketing a product or service. doing business in various ways widely Including adapting to different cultures. This is still an important concept that can be us in modern times.Generation is the age of a cohort, which means the average time between a mother’s first child and her child’s first child. Therefore, each generation is about years apart.

Work health and wellbeing

In this generation, there are many people Morocco WhatsApp Number List studying, especially in the field of social science that will study behavior, society, lifestyle, and various thoughts. Let’s see what that generation is. How many periods are there? . Lost Generation (Born – ) People in the era of World War I that no one is left today. . Greatest Generation (Born – ) A group of people born during World War who mostly fought in the war. and contributes to economic recovery Have a sense of citizenship, formality, and faith in the faith.

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Important events of this age

Silent Generation (Born – ) A group of people AERO Leads born during the World War era, which is not very much nowadays. It was during the economic downturn. work hard everyone is patriotic love rules It is the foundation for the present day people. . Baby Boomer (Born – ) Baby Boomer is a person born in the years – . Important events of people in this age range are During World War During the Korean and Vietnam War It was the era when television began. It was the beginning of the nuclear bomb. the era of the cold war including rock and roll music The attitudes and values ​​of this group are optimistic and general.

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