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Follow the stories of the brand loyalty consists of two parts: Emotional Loyalty, which consists of attitudes, beliefs, desires, is the loyalty that arises in the mind from feeling good about the brand. and exposure to brands through experiences Relevant Loyalty Rational (Rational) the quality of the product or service through trial Repeat purchases from various marketing activities If the product or service can satisfy customers well, it will cause acceptance. But if they are unable to respond, they may also be reject. How many groups of brand loyalty are there.

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Brand loyalty if segment can be divid into groups Venezuela WhatsApp Number List as follows: non-customer group using competitors’ products and services Price-dependent groups are low-loyal groups bas on price. This is partly due to the lack of brand differences. sides are those that are loyal to multiple brands. Can change at any time because because of those brands there is no clear difference. group attach to the brand which is a group that brands want their customers to be at this point because there will be repeat purchases happening all the time Level of brand loyalty BrandLoyaltyLevels There are five levels of brand loyalty.

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No Brand Loyalty is a buyer who has no loyalty AERO Leads whatsoever. Shop all brands No one brand is brand specific. Keep changing your mind according to the price of the product. Satisfi or accustom to buying? (SatisfiHabitual Buyer) Buyers become satisfi and begin to buy products as a daily routine until it becomes a habit. without any reason to change brands But if something affects the decision, it may change to buy other brands. Satisfi Buyer: Buyers are happy with the brand they buy. And most will not change their minds. In order to change brands, there must be enough reasons.

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