One of their focus areas is climate

One of their focus areas is climate

Change, and they have a number of initiatives that bring together people of different generations to discuss this issue. Elders logo Opens in a new window Wikipedia Elders logo The Climate Generation: The Climate Generation is a youth-led organization that works to empower young people to take action on climate change. They have a number of programs that bring together young people and older adults to discuss climate change and build solutions. Climate Generation logoOpens in a new window Climate Generation logo.

The Global Youth

Climate Change is an annual event that brings together young people from around the world to discuss climate change. The event provides a forum for young people to share their experiences and perspectives on climate change, and to build relationships with each other and with older adults. Global Youth Dialogue on Climate Change Hong Kong Phone Number List in a new window Major Group for Children and Youth Global Youth Dialogue on Climate Change logo. These are just a few examples of intergenerational dialogue platforms or initiatives focused on environmental issues.

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These platforms and initiatives

Can play a valuable role in bridging the generational divide on environmental issues and building a more sustainable future. What are the benefits of intergenerational dialogue on environmental issues? There are a number of benefits to intergenerational dialogue on environmental issues. These benefits include understanding. Intergenerational dialogue can help to increase understanding of. The different perspectives that people of different AERO Leads have on environmental issues. This can help to build bridges between generations and to find common ground on these issues.

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