In the code the title appears

In the code the title appears

Search engines work no one knows Algorithm formula. Composition is known but composition is unknown. We would like to summarize in this entry some of the elements we can control especially those that refer to each of our pages. For a more complete overview of the complete program we recommend that you view the full course orientation document. Main Elements When Doing On Page Title List Bold and Italics Quality Content URLs Meta Tags Links Internal External Forbidden Follow Sponsor Rich Snippets.

Text Images Videos Friendly

Important content should be in text format. The easiest way to ensure that the words and phrases you display to your visitors are visible to search Greece Phone Number List engines is to place them in the text of your web pages. What stands for Hypertext Markupus to create different versions of web pages. Defines a basic structure and code call code is us to define the content of a web page such as text, images, videos, etc. It is responsible for the standards is an organization dicat to the standardization of almost all relat technologies, especially in their writing and interpretation. Heading Headings are also known as titles or tags.

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They help us organize and structure information to improve the user experience when reading our content. The trick is to use the main keyword AERO Leads in the post or page title and then use other synonyms or keywords in the tags. as follows. Title with keywords. Subtitle with keyword variations. Subtitle with synonyms. And unorder lists again help us to sort the information that will appear on the web page. Not exactly because they are relat to search engines but again they help users better understand web content so we recommend using them as well. These lists can be order or unorder Order.

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