Choosing Cloud in Indonesia These are a number

Choosing Cloud in Indonesia These are a number

Currently, cloud in Indonesia is one of the services that is widely used by companies. Of course, choose a service providerlocal cloud is not an easy thing. Later, we will be faced with various kinds of choices whose number and variety continue to increase.

Local cloud services of course have their own advantages and disadvantages, so as a potential user, you must be observant in choosing according to business needs. There are various standards that can be used as indicators when starting a selection.

The Easy Way to Choose the best Cloud in Indonesia

So that you don’t get confused anymore when Latest Mailing Database selecting a local cloud service, here are a number of tips that you can follow, including:

1. Data Security

The main thing to pay attention to is the problem of data security. Will your data be safe in their hands? Make sure the cloud has a mechanism to secure information both physically and virtually to the human resources that operate it.

2. Owned Service Performance

When choosing a cloud in Indonesia, service performance is an important thing that must also be considered. Don’t let you be unable to use cloud services at critical times because they have low performance. Look for a cloud service that is ready to provide an SLA of up to 99.9% uptime to guarantee service performance.

Generally, cloud services will provide a trial period for other companies to try their services.

You can see whether the service has good performance or capabilities

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As a service user, service fees are certainly something AERO Leads that cannot escape your attention. In fact, when comparing one cloud service to another, we’re not just looking for low costs.

However, this cost issue is more emphasized on, the fees they provide are comparable to the services offered.

For example: For a cloud computing service with the same vCPU, memory and storage capacity, of course the cost of the service is also seen with the condition whether the local cloud only has 1 data center or can implement services in several local data centers which is different from the load-balancing concept so that it helps smooth running of IT operations?

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