If certain modules have a large number

If certain modules have a large number

Otherwise we will use more components than necessary. REP-CCP-CRP These principles conflict with each other, so we can only follow two of them or try to balance them. To understand why it is difficult, consider them in pairs: CCP-REP is quite inclusive, trying to make the modules larger, thus increasing the connectivity of the code. But CRP is an exclusive principle that follows the trend of decreasing modules; CRP-REP — Reusability-oriente principles seek to optimize modules for the teams that use them. On the other hand, the CCP principle is support-oriente, as it seeks to optimize modules for those who develop them.

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Therefore you must be willing to focus on two approaches while rejecting the third. Components-coupling-principles According to Robert Martin, there are a number of other principles that apply specifically to addictions. ADP (The Acyclic Turkey Phone Number List Dependencies Principle) is about cyclic dependencies, or rather their absence. The dependency graph of packages and modules cannot have cycles. The diagram above shows that feature C is connecte to feature A. In this case, there are two solutions: Use a separate module with a dependency on which C and A depend.if the use of this helper module will not be an isolate case. Add a certain interface to module C that will allow communication with feature A through the :app module.

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If certain modules have a large

The solution is suitable for a single case. SDP (The Stable Dependencies Principle) — the principle of stable dependencies. For example, we have distribute AERO Leads modules for working with databases. They are stable, so most of the system is base on them. of uses, they are considere more stable. The entire hierarchy of dependencies should be built from the most stable to the least. That is, the :app module will always be the least stable, because it changes from task to task, encapsulating a part of the logic that is neee to build a certain navigation functionality.

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