I use to do a lot of programming

I use to do a lot of programming

One of the challenges is to “pack” a subject that has been studie for years into 16 lectures. I try not to give too complicate pieces. The main thing is that the listeners get a general understanding and context of what this discipline is, why it is neee, and what nees to be studie further in order to be realize in this domain. Progress is always visible from the students: at first they do not understand anything at all, and with each subsequent lecture – only to a point. Before starting the course, I mentally prepare that not everyone would be intereste. But after the first lecture, I did not expect that so many students would listen carefully and ask many questions.

Develops engineers about development

Once at one of the lectures on the software life cycle, we considere different approaches to collective development within the framework of one repository. We trie to show the lectures in the recording and additionally held interactives, Q&A sessions Argentina Phone Number List and offline meetings. It was three different experiences, the best of which I think is offline. and development myself. In the last two years, the role of the CEO has require more and more managerial time, and I can no longer pay enough attention to the technical side.

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I got my first experience

Accordingly, I invite fellow developers from Boosters to give some lectures, while I close other issues and at the same time think about a new course, more relevant to what I do today. Teaching something you don’t work with regularly will fall into the same AERO Leads format I complaine about when I was a student. About scaling, unexpecte questions, and student deadlines I as a lecturer within a team: I told developers about infrastructure, and testers and. This increase the effectiveness of the team and I began to scale the experience to teach in internal and external eucational programs with the Genesis eucation team. Later, already in universities.

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