How to break a project into modules

How to break a project into modules

He talke about the theoretical and practical aspects, the approach recommende by Google, mentione what problems his team face during the implementation of the solution and how they were overcome. > Modularization: pros, cons, pitfalls >: Google’s vision and recommendations > Principles of module distribution > Build time > How we starte work on modularization > Useful materials Modularization: pros, cons, pitfalls What does the typical development flow of most product teams look like: after receiving the design of a certain feature, the team starts to develop it. If the task is quite complex, an intermeiate stage of its design within the team may appear.

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In an ideal world after development, the team commits resources to localization, “releases” and begins A/B testing. After receiving the results, makes decisions base on analytics. And in the end, it should clean the configs and remove unnecessary events from Thailand Phone Number List analytics. Flow-rozrobky-prodyktovoi-komandy Our team had a similar flow, but with growth we face certain problems. One of the most obvious solutions was modularization. The question arose: will it suit our case, and will the result be worth the effort? shema-moduliv-ta-zvyzkiv-mij-nymy This is how the conditional scheme of modules and connections between them looks like in our headliner — the Headway application.

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To compile the :app module, you nee some functionality: Reader, Library, etc. Let’s imagine that the localization and content team wante to have a separate application where you can give feeback and view it in the app. The concept of modularization of the AERO Leads entire project is well suite to these nees. For example, if we only nee a Reader (:App-demo-reader), relate to it, as well as modules relate to domain- or data-logic, and build dependencies. contain modules relate to content feeback — a certain reporting system that will allow you to monitor the quality of the content and report problems with it.

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