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A should be organiz into categories to be organiz and to see a clear picture. . Value Propositions We want our products and services. or affect customers, such as solving problems, fulfilling nes make customers satisfi . Channels _ We can send information about products or services. And how can I contact customers through any channels such as email, website, social mia? . Customer Relationships What kind of relationship do we maintain with our customers? It can be done both directly and indirectly, such as talking on the phone, answering emails, chatting through Line.

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A what to do to retain customers and expand Malaysia Phone Number List the customer base, such as organizing various promotional activities . Revenue Streams Which group of customers will we have income from? or any type of business, how much including service charges . Key Resources Necessary things to be us to create the value of the business, both personnel. and raw materials such as factories, machines, information systems, computers . Key Activities What are the things that businesses ne to do to keep them going? Each business will have different forms, for example, if it is a business selling various things, it is necessary. m public relations booth.

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Key Partners Who has AERO Leads stakes in our business, both public and private? Having a partner will make the business run smoothly, such as various associations, suppliers, shops, banks. . Cost Structure All expenses in doing our business such as personnel expenses, office equipment expenses land rent office rent various maintenance costs If we don’t know where to start We can look at our competitors and try to define our own. Brainstorm from a team of – people and try to draw a business plan. Then we will see the overview of our business and that.

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