Find Customer Pain Points & Connect To Products

Find Customer Pain Points & Connect To Products

8 Ways To Find The Best Products To Sell On Shopee: The Ultimate Guide Of January 2021

Basically What You Will Get From The Result Is

Product title
Category Name
Monthly income
Monthly sales
shop URLs
Using this data, you will be able to whatsapp mobile number list strategize what products to launch to compete with other brands’ products. The latter is also useful when you start to think about your pricing strategy.

2. Find Customer Pain Points & Connect To Products
Customer pain points always need attention. What makes people buy is when they have a problem that a certain product can solve.

Active Hound is one of the fast growing brands because it has products that can solve customer problems. Owners Lucy and Zak noticed that many pet owners were constantly frustrated by how expensive dog toys were that didn’t have enough durability to withstand wear and tear. This is what inspired them to create a very durable line of dog toys.

Here Are Some Pointers On How To Build A Product

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Choose a niche
Break a niche into specific products AERO Leads that interest you (that you find profitable)
Find it on Shopee
Read customer reviews
List the general sentiments of customers regarding the product
List the reasons you feel the customer has this problem
Think of potential solutions to the problem
Create or introduce a product around that resolution.

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