Do you use several sales and marketing channels

Do you use several sales and marketing channels

PIM solution you can collect product information that is. Otherwise spread out in various places – both internally and in digital channels. is consistent and accurate if it is complicate to track down data for changes and adjustments. PIM ensures easy management of product data. So you never have to experience losses as a result of data errors. Without PIM, it is not easy to detect any errors that put a stop to sales and the flow of work processes. Adjust, change and enrich your product information. From a base, and the changes are automatically adde to all channels where product data is displaye. PIM benefits.

It can be difficult to ensure that the information

It is never easy to decide when it is time. To look for new software and implementations. We have therefore collecte some questions you can ask yourself, if you are still unsure whether PIM is the right step for your company.  Does the company have Germany Phone Number List over 15,000 products? · Is the range dynamic with seasonal products and temporary collaborations? · Does the company have a lot of customer information. Do you experience many returne items? · Is the product data spread over several channels.

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If you want the product data management

Do you have several suppliers? If you answere yes to several of the questions, it may be time to learn more about PIM and begin the integration. to be more AERO Leads efficient and the information about the products to be consistent and the same on all channels, you are probably intereste in knowing more about how a PIM can help your company with this. Get starte now! We help you get starte with PIM.

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