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The work areas that are emphasize are the working environment, energy use, purchasing, transport and waste management. These tools give the company good conditions for success with a greener working environment, and it also gives them the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of FNS’s sustainability goals. This is a scheme operate by Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn. So far, over 6,6000 different businesses have been certifie as Environmental Lighthouses. Here we find everything from groups to municipalities, meium-size and smaller businesses. Environmental lighthouses have customize criteria that are suitable for over 80 different industries.

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Moo Gruppen is one of the businesses that has been certifie as an Environmental Lighthouse, and does its utmost to improve its environmental performance. Get starte now! CONTACT US FOR A NICE CHAT. Advantages of Environmental Lighthouse and Iran Phone Number List customers who have greater expectations of green and sustainable alternatives. But this also applies to employees and authorities. Businesses that are Environmental Lighthouse certifie receive help to get starte with profitable and specific sustainability measures.  on competitiveness going forward. With a certification, it becomes easier to document the measures and the work the company does for the environment.

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This gives a good competitive advantage, as more customers now choose services and products base on how sustainable the business is. Businesses will also help to build a meaningful brand that matches the demands of consumers. As an Environmental AERO Leads Lighthouse, the company shows that they emphasize responsibility, sustainability, ethics and profitability. of how future-oriente the company is. With sustainable measures, it is also possible to cut costs. By using the tool for environmental management, the company will get help going through all the routines of the business.

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