Through Customer Behavior by recognizing

Through Customer Behavior by recognizing

Is about to tell Climax The climax or climax is the point at which everything is about to be reveal. It is the turning point of the story telling or the turning point of the protagonist’s fate in the story. If the story is only present with good stories that people can prict It may cause some feelings of frustration. But if there is a twist, the result can be a surprise. Falling Action, where everything is reveal in order to end the story. Or it may be full of doubts, new clues, twists and turns, giving rise to speculation about what will happen next.

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The end of the story (Catastrophe) From the USA WhatsApp Number List beginning, a story has been creat for people to follow. Come to the end of the story, which may be a happy ending, disappointment, or cause to wait for something. Once you’ve got the story right You may present it in different ways, such as: Presentation of problems and solutions Comparison before use and after use presentation of how to use Underdog narratives or stories that show people who are disadvantag or disadvantag in society personal story telling Step.

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Nes to reflect the identity of the brand. from AERO Leads both what is seen and what is spoken To make the target audience remember who your brand is. that ne to be shown brand personality (Personality), brand voice (Brand Voice), brand tone, image us to represent the identity of the brand, various brand identity , including the use of brand tone in each content format. Be it a video, infographic or advertisement. Step Tell the story When the content format is complete It is necessary to tell the story for everyone to know. to support your brand. And help each other to share.

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