Benefits that customers will

Benefits that customers will

Therefore, the of the packaging has a great effect in terms of design. Suitable for use se of colors, text design. The words on the product packaging It is an interesting strategy. different by service Brand positionuing or Brand Positioning lets us know that different brand positioning in the market. able to create value for consumers and also creates a memorable line in consumers So what are the steps in brand positioning? Let’s see. Step Determine the position of the brand at present. It’s important to understand and position your brand. to make us know where we are going next By being analyz and compar with competitors in your market.

In order to be different

It starts by looking at who your customers are, defining Cambodia Phone Number List your mission, values, and what will set you apart from the rest of the market. The current brand positioning is ideal if you already operate in that market. Step : Identify your direct competitors clearly. After analyzing yourself Now have to turn to see who your direct competitors are. So that you can position your brand to be different and unique. to get into the minds of consumers such as conducting target market research to identify competitors Use the results of customer surveys to see who they think of when customers think of a brand.

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The market By identifying

Use social mia to see consumer behavior that chooses AERO Leads to use various brand products or services. Step : Understand the positions of competitor brands. Try to explore and understand if your competitor’s brand has a vision, mission, value, product or service. strengths weaknesses marketing strategy Including how the brand’s positioning in the market In order to be able to compete with brands in the market. Step : Define your unique brand identity. and consumer opinions. It will start to make us see what the positioning of the brand should be.

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