Behavioral Identity or identity

Behavioral Identity or identity

Adweek Leader (Ruler) is a personality who likes to control, likes to manage, has a knack for power, such as Rolex, Benz, British Airways, AMEX. Caregiver is a person who likes to take care of, likes to care, loves others such as Johnson & Johnson, Volvo, Ford. Creator (Creator) is a personality who likes to come up with new ideas, create outside the box, not repeat the same way as LEGO, Adobe, Starbucks, Pixar. Adventurer (Explorer) is a personality who likes challenges. Going out to face the wide world non-stop such as Rbull, Jeep, Go Pro, The North Face Knowers (Sage) are intelligent, knowlgeable personalities such as Google, IBM, Wikipia, Audi, National Geographic, CNN.

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Innocent is a personality that is bright, friendly, harmless, such as Coke, McDonald, Dove. Hero (Hero) is a personality that has courage, determination, likes to compete, such South Korea WhatsApp Number List as Land Rover, Nike, Adidas, FEx. Magician is a personality who creates incrible things such as Disney, Tesla, Apple. Outlaw is a personality who likes to think differently, has a challenge, does not follow others, such as Harley, Diesel, Levi, Virgin. The Jester is a bright, cheerful personality such as M&M, Skittles, Barcidi. Everyman is a simple personality.

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Compatible with everyone such as KitKat, IKEA, KFC, Ebay. Lover (Lover) is a personality that is attractive, charming, searchable, such as Magnum, Dior, Chanel, AXE. The importance of brand personality helps to make Help customers to understand deeply about AERO Leads our products o r services. help attract customers Help customers feel a connection between themselves and the brand. It encourages an emotional connection with the brand. Help build loyalty to the brand.What is Brand Identity and how important is it?  Pridi Nukulsom prathana (Pop) Brand Identity Brand Identity is the identity or identity of the brand.

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