All the new technology and exciting functions

All the new technology and exciting functions

This facilitates a good workflow base on the nees of the front-end team, and the developers can work continuously on the back-end. If new eCommerce functions and tools appear, these can be easily integrate using the API in the storefront. It is also easy to move a back-end system, since it is possible to change the front-end system with new APIs, without having to rewrite it. Why storefront for headless eCommerce arose In the past, eCommerce platforms were often use by companies that wante to sell products online in addition to a store. They therefore transferre the possibility of classic catalog shopping to an online solution, which also include online payment options.

This is the reason why headless

As the technological development has taken off, loads of programs and apps have appeare. These help consumers find exactly what they are looking for, with search functions and tailore solutions. It is also easier to shop online than ever before. This is Iceland Phone Number List due, for example, to simpler and faster payment methods, as well as optimize shopping experiences. have also meant that consumers have higher expectations. eCommerce has arisen, and thus also the storefront that fits this.

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The eCommerce platform

Effect of headless eCommerce With headless eCommerce, the company gets far more flexibility. However, it is also the case that when the eCommerce platform and storefront are two separate entities, the storefront can no longer depend on when it comes to stability. This is important to think about, especially since your online store may be your AERO Leads company’s most important source of income. A good storefront intende for headless eCommerce will, however, be able to give the online store the same stability that you previously found from the eCommerce platform – only that it is front-end.

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