Add branding Every content

Add branding Every content

Business How do you plan your future?” The future can tell your true intentions. because it is a vision which should be told to inspire And it may help to increase the number of customers. Including attracting good employees to work Step Select ideas Although the ideas that come up are creative and fun. But sometimes it may make the essence of the story not come out well. various ideas to select until they crystallize that. In what ways can the brainstorming information be us for storytelling ideas? by trying to ask these questions Why do you want to tell this story? In what angle will you tell the uniqueness.

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What value does the customer get that is right for Uruguay WhatsApp Number List them? What will the target audience get in return? Step Choose the appropriate format. Once you have an idea for a story to tell. things is the narrative style. That will determine whether brand story communication will reach the target group appropriately or not, such as articles, videos, infographics, animations (You can view the content format here.) Step Refine the story Once you have an idea to create a story. It’s time to make a story that can attract the attention of the target audience.narrative structure.

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You might start by adopting Freytag’s Pyramid, an age-old storytelling approach: Freytag’s Pyramid Freytag’s Pyramid The beginning (Introduction) , which is AERO Leads the point where the whole story begins, including the time, place, tone of the story. character introduction That is convey through conversations, flashbacks, comparisons, parallel stories behind the scenes, or even retrospective narratives. Prelude (Rising) An important point in pushing the story to the unraveling or climax point (Climax) that nes to impress. and evoke emotion for the target audience to feel the emotion.

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