A social network for plant fans

A social network for plant fans

Basing a large part of the functions on machine learning. The company went further and create an AI assistant that now helps users not only recognize plant diseases, but also selects treatment. It is a kind of counterpart to ChatGPT, but for plants, and is completely develope by the PlantIn ML team. “Currently, artificial intelligence and real experts work with user requests in parallel, but we strive for the virtual assistant to take on as many functions as possible to make the user experience easier. And more interesting,” says Dmytro Hrynets. A complex product that allows you to recognize plants and at the same time helps with their maintenance and care has create. A real community of amateur botanists around it.

Who will be able to unite the community

The founders see the next stage of PlantIn development as the creation of a convenient platform not only for plant care, but also for user communication, exchange of Russia Phone Number List experience, and interesting cases. Mykhailo Hrynets says that in a few years, PlantIn will turn into a kind of botanical Instagram. Users already have profiles in the application, and they can share photos of plants in the news fee, interact, comment. The bet will be made on plant bloggers — influencers around them and monetize their expertise or experience in plant breeing.

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This was done in order to free up

We have gathere more than 20 million people unite by one hobby, this is a unique opportunity for experts and plant sellers to offer their consultations and plants to a relevant audience, instead of using the same Instagram with a huge heterogeneous AERO Leads audience,” explains Mykhailo Hrynets. Along with product development and community development, structural changes are taking place in the company. Currently, both brothers share the post of CEO. “the technical vertical.

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