Culture is a reflection

Culture is a reflection

Brand identity. Brand Identity is the face of the company, the first front for customers to see, such as the brand name, logo, slogan, brochure, brochure, billboard, business card, letterhead. rand Identity also It is relat to other parts of the company, such as the products or services provid to customers. and possible from the vision brand positioning Brand relationship brand value brand concept product or service features Quality of products or services to various after-sales services. and Identity creation is necessary to create a relationship between the brand and the customer.

Must be something deeper

Brand Identity can be divid into groups Spain WhatsApp Number List as follows : , pictures, text, colors, patterns Sensorial Identity or identity that can be touch by the five senses, namely form, taste, smell, sound, touch, and also includes appearance. contact surface link to behavior or customer journey, for example, designing an application to buy products to suit target groups in the digital age Functional Identity or identity that emphasizes brand or product features, such as Fitflop shoes that are healthy shoes. Importance of Brand Identity A good Brand Identity will make us stand out from the competition. It also helps build brand cribility in the market.

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What our brand is

In delivering the value of the product or service AERO Leads for a good customer experience, Brand Identity can help generate sales opportunities when our brand is already strongBrand Identity consists of components: Core Identity means the true identity that represents the meaning and success of the brand, for example: Lux – When we see the Lux logo, we think of beauty products for women. Dettol – When we see the Dettol logo, The Brand Identity Prism , a concept creat by Kapferer, is a powerful tool to strengthen your business. A brand shouldn’t be just a name.

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