A number of well-known platforms and solutions

A number of well-known platforms and solutions

Now you can handle and manage transport in your main system, and everything is gathere in one and the same solution – 100% cloud-base and clear. You can order transport with over 100 different carriers. You will always receive the correct shipping documents and other necessary documentation. Unifaun ensures better control and a far more clear solution. You will be able to see all incoming shipments.. Inside the TA system, you get access to everything you nee. Here you can, among other things, analyze statistics, order transport, print labels and shipping documents, see the status of shipments and much more.

This provides a more efficient transport handling

Do you already have a transport administration system? If you get help to integrate Unifaun, existing order data can be transferre to your new system. Who can use Unifaun? Unifaun primarily works for three different customer groups. Here we find carriers, transport buyers with UAE Phone Number List advance nees and transport buyers with normal nees. Their service areas are continuously expanding. Unifaun can be integrate on. The integration modules are available on a number of different e-commerce systems and ERP systems. Unifaun collaborate with developers behind the official integrations. Among other things, it is possible to integrate Unifaun on WooCommerce, EPiServer, Shopify, Askås, Prestashop and Magento.

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A unique competitive advantage

This service has become particularly popular on the e-commerce market. Here it is a tough market and the battle for customers is great. With Unifaun you get a with far better and more efficient work processes. Unifaun plugin for Magento 2 develope by Moo Gruppen Unifaun is now betting AERO Leads on the Norwegian market and has therefore launche the Unifaun online solution. This is adapte and tailore for Norway. When Unifaun was to enter the Norwegian market, they saw a nee for a partner who could develop plugins for various e-commerce platforms.

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