A difference from competitors

A difference from competitors

The vision and mission will tell who we are, where we come from, and what we live for. Consumers will remember and associate those images, for example, brands that use environmentally friendly products. A brand that delivers opportunities to the poor Make your brand stand out with Brand Personality. , | Pridi Nukulsomprathana (Pop) Brand Personality Listen through the Popticles Podcast. “I buy Pepsi not for the taste but for who I am.” Many people probably have heard or met with themselves that many times when we buy products. We often think in our minds that this product is us, right? Usually people tend to express their own identity.

With customers brand personality

With the personality of the brand they choose South Africa WhatsApp Number List In other words, a brand’s personality determines the relationship customers have with the brand. Therefore, creating a clear brand personality Therefore, it is a difference from competitors very well. Brand Personality or Brand PersonalityTherefore, it is the first priority that we should define clearly. In general, the personality of the brand We mean brand identity. Therefore, nature of the brand. as a result of the interaction between the customer experience and that brand. The experience can be experienc from many things, such as the experience of using the product.

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Graphic Identity such as logos

Brand communications in various forms such AERO Leads as advertisements, marketing activities, etc. “Customers don’t buy products, they buy associations with personality-like products.” There are types of Brand Personality : Sincerity reflects devotion, good-heart people, warm feelings. Excitement reflects a challenge, thrilling, out of the box. Competence reflects power, power, intelligence, leadership Sophistication reflects good looks, dignity, and class. Strength (Ruggness) reflects strength, durability and can also be divid into other types of archetypes (Brand Archetypes) according to Carl Jung’s theory: Brand Archetypes of Carl Jung Theory Source.

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